Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dear Blog Proofreaders

Dear Blog Proofreaders,
I owe you many apologies. There have been many comma omissions and other mistakes. I really have no excuse, except maybe I can blame the stroke. Yes, I will assign responsibility there.
As for writing style, I have no idea what I am doing. I can actually place responsibility on the stroke for this one. My Associated Press Stylebook is on a bookshelf across the house. If it happened to be in a different location, it wouldn’t matter, so there’s that. I could look up questions online, but that wouldn’t be efficient. So I guess that means we are stuck with Alison Style for now.
Just a sidenote, I am recovering from some rare disorder. At least I had never heard of it. One evening, Chris noticed swelling along the right side of my face and neck, and I began to feel pain radiating from my mouth. A visit to the dentist and referral to an oral surgeon later, and we learned that I have an infected salivary gland. Who knew? The antibiotic seems to be working though.


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