Monday, March 14, 2016

Power wheelchair

Imagine not being able to move for four years. And also think of what it would feel like to suddenly be able.
That is how I felt when I drove a power wheelchair for the first time ever. I had absolutely no clue how it would feel. It felt surreal, by the way. I could finally turn around when I wanted to hear a particular conversation.
It is also quite terrifying to have to depend upon a machine to move forward, backward or side to side. I have grown accustomed to being pushed around. Mind you, I still can’t move my neck like a normal person.
Probably the most gratifying words I have heard through the entire power chair process came from Tom with Be Extraordinary. He basically said he wouldn’t have imagined I could drive myself three years ago when he met me. What will I be able to do three years from now? 
 Here I am in a test power chair.
Thumb to go right. Pinky to go leftt. Left toe on a switch is forward and backward.
I use the same switch to drive as I do to blog.