Sunday, January 24, 2016

I am alive

Yes, I am still alive (if anyone was concerned as to my welfare). Truth be told, I have been battling illnesses. I am better, but still weak. Also, coughing and blogging are not recommended.

I just recently learned that I am never going to qualify for more therapy under our current insurance. Ever. I guess it isn’t important for me to talk, eat, move my arms or hands or walk. Any ideas?


anakinsnana said...

Stupid insurance! Don't give up Alison. Those of us (and there are many) who know and love you are not giving up on you!

Debora said...

Glad you are still with the rest of us! I look forward to your blogs; they're real. There might be churches that know of someone who could teach someone close to you therapeutic exercises. Someone affiliated with a church or like organization is usually more forthcoming when asked for assistance. Ask others who have had strokes about what has worked for them and emulate, as much as you can. Could someone create videos and then you could practice with them, step by step? Sorry if I'm coming across as being insensitive to your specific needs. I know you're capable of what has yet to be shown.