Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who I was: Part 1

Some of you knew me before I had a stroke, while others met me after or as a result. Anyway, it’s time for an autobiography. A partial one, that is. Because I am far from done.

I was born in Springfield, but my family lived in Mountain Grove, Mo. While there, I went to Hawaii and became a big sister. Life clearly wasn’t about me anymore. For a frame of reference, I was 3. We moved when I was 11, and to a town even smaller than Mountain Grove, Mo.: Mount Vernon, Mo. There isn’t even a Walmart. That’s how tiny it is.

Next, we relocated to Pittsburg, Kan. I was in eighth grade. When I toured the high school, it seemed so big. I decided the smaller made sense and went to the Catholic high school instead. Note: There is not an athletic bone in my body. Also note: I am not Catholic. Two big red flags. Both athleticism and religion were important. I transferred after my sophomore year. At Pittsburg High School (yes, the behemoth one), it wasn’t as important to have athletic prowess. I said not as important because, of course it was. It was, after all, high school.

I did OK, though, because of the wider variety of activities. For example, the newspaper. Credit for me even knowing I enjoy writing goes to my creative writing teacher in 10THgrade. The rest of high school was fine, though I spent some time being confused about life.

This concludes part one of my partial autobiography. To be continued.


JeffShort said...

I am glad I survived the first few years of being your little brother while you adjusted to the idea of siblinghood :) I love you so much and am so honored to be your (annoying) little brother.

Tech IT Solutions said...

Thank you for sharing your patial autobiography, i am glad you survived the stroke. Hope you are keeping up well as we expect to see more of such posts from you.