Sunday, May 24, 2015

NOPW '15

I am late. For NOPW, that is. It is never too late to talk about stroke in young people. People who have no idea that life is about to change. To really change.
Know the classic signs: Face, Arms, Speech and Time—remember the acronym FAST. But do me a favor and look at the National Stroke Association website for a list of symptoms for women.
Before I was hospitalized, I spent the evening being nauseated. Later, I became dizzy and my tongue became numb. Chris says my eyes were misaligned. They still are. I’ve heard other young women talk about similar symptoms. 
The reason NOPW exists is to raise awareness of stroke in young people. So please know the symptoms, both FAST and those from the National Stroke Association.


Unknown said...

Thank you Alison for sharing. I was unaware of the signs and symptoms. Do you think it is related to birth control also?

Chris Wilson said...

Hey Meredith! Birth control is absolutely a risk factor - but it's a pretty low risk. That's really about the only thing we SUSPECT may have contributed to the clot that caused Alison's stroke. But there's no way to really know for sure...