Sunday, February 22, 2015


We are moving back to Springfield. It is not that there’s anything wrong with Kansas City at all. It is just that things are different now than they were when we first moved here almost four years ago. We lived in a more central location. I adored it, as our home was blocks away from my brother and sister-in-law. After my stroke, I lived in a nursing home strategically located near Chris’ work. When I finally got to leave the nursing home, we moved into an apartment, also close to Chris’ office. When we started looking for homes in the Kansas City area, it became increasingly obvious that we weren’t going to find what we wanted here. And I would never, ever be a happy Johnson County, Kansan. I never would’ve just moved here, but I understand why we did. It is not for me. Springfield, however...

I was actually thinking how much more simple it would be to find a home in Springfield. Then Chris received a note from his former boss. He actually wanted my husband to go back to work for him. When I flashed a smile at Chris, he looked puzzled. After I told him about my thought process, he understood.

Above almost everything, it seems that it is important for me to be nearer to people who knew me before I had a stroke. Plus, it’s much closer in proximity to my parents and other family. 

Also, the house on which we made an offer has....wait for elevator. We weren’t even looking for that feature, but hey. We’ll take it. Again, close to Chris’ work. 

I feel I should have mentioned this before, but I am very satisfied with my current caregiver. So much so, we asked her to move with us, and she said no. She did, however, offer to temporarily care for me while we look for a permanent solution. She even offered to train her replacement, but she won’t need to. If things go according to plans, one of my longtime caregivers is planning a move to Springfield.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Food, glorious food

Pureed spinach through the tube.
My blender arrived during the past couple of weeks. Yippee! We have decided to gradually transition me to pureed real food via tube. My first sample was a bit of sweet potato. I should clarify that this sampling business is to make sure post-stroke me can digest anything that isn’t corn. Wonder of all wonders, I’m fine. I’ve since had apple, avocado, oats, carrots, lentils, spinach, almond milk, cow’s milk, salmon, strawberries, wild rice, peanuts and chicken. I fell asleep before the first chicken attempt, though. No surprise. Am I eating what I was supposed to eat before my stroke? Absolutely. I guess that means no more excuses. 

And furthermore (who says furthermore except in written communications?), Kelsey brought her baby and her mom over. I take partial credit for the little girl, by the way. Not genetically, but she did incubate right beside me. The baby was cute and so little. I was honored by her presence alone, but her mom brought an NOPW-themed quilt for me. Kelsey requested it, but her mom made it. Also, if you don't know what NOPW is, go here.