Saturday, December 13, 2014


The switch Alison uses to type. The top one is for her thumb, the lower one is for her pinky. One letter at a time. A bit difficult to keep in position when coughing a lot. - Chris
 Guess who finally got her TPA? OK, it was not for the reason it would usually be used. Some of you might be wondering what is TPA? For the non-strokies and such, it’s the clot-busting drug. It is also used to treat heart attacks. It can also be used to treat pneumonia complicated by empyema with loculated fluid. Some of you already know what that is because you’re smart. I must admit that I didn’t know before. And the people who don’t know, you can Google it. Anyway, I was sick and it has taken all this time for me to feel well enough to blog. No, I’m not completely better. I still cough a lot, making it really difficult to use my switch. Anyway, if you ever have a stroke, you want TPA. And fast.


anakinsnana said...

I used to think I was pretty well versed in medical terminology but I must admit, those 2 words empyema and loculated were new ones for me. Just for the record, I would rather not learn anymore new ones, okay? I love you dil and it's so good to hear from you again! See you soon!!!

Unknown said...

Hello from the UK

We just posted on the blog but it wouldn't go through! So I'll try again.

Watching your blog and will keep watching everyday to see what you have to say. We admire you and can empathise the situation.

Thank you to Chris for getting in contact building and making everyone's networks stronger!

All our love Louisa and Zoe xx

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