Sunday, December 28, 2014


I went to a middle school band and choir concert recently. Of course, I was thinking about when I had concerts of my own. I was in choir as well as band. Although I never really liked band very much—I played French horn—but I played because my parents thought it would make me look well-rounded. On college applications.
Those who know my story know I went to a small state school. I left with my degree and beloved husband. It doesn’t seem like anyone’s plan, but it has worked out so far. I still wouldn’t change a thing. Except for all of this blasted corn… 
Also, happy New Year to you and yours.


anakinsnana said...

That is soon to be changed too dear dil!! I can't wait to be there to help plan and prepare your new menu! It will be a happy new year for all of us I'm sure.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year back to you Alison! I find your blog fascinating, humorous and sometimes heart breaking. Thanks for sharing. I show your blog to people who express interest. One of Linda's co workers who is in her 30s had a stroke about a year ago. Her vision was effected and she couldn't drive for a year. I wouldn't say she has made a full recovery but she is now able to drive. I think it helped her to hear your story. May your new year have a lot less corn in it!

Heidi Riddlesperger

Debora said...

Hi Alison! Happy New Year to you and yours, too!

Here's to more variety/spice in your life!

Debbi Ruel

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