Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I’ve never liked my nose. Especially since fifth grade. In fifth grade, two boys were determined to make me hate my trunk. Yes, of course I remember their names, but I can’t give them the satisfaction of mentioning them on my blog. The worldwide accolades… Not really. They did go through a phase during which they called me “Long Nose”. They also told me not to look at them, lest my schnoz poke them in the eyes. That was a tough year for little me. My family moved, and I wound up with a haircut reminiscent of a mushroom. I remember specifically requesting chin-length. As I was traipsing around southern Missouri with a fungus-like haircut, I wore an empire-waist top. One day on the playground, I was asked if I was pregnant. Bullying is for real. I guess what I’m trying to say is fifth grade was hard.
For the year or so after my stroke, I avoided cameras almost entirely. Almost. I couldn’t even put on my own makeup. I still can’t. But have you noticed my nearly yearlong absence from the Internet? It was not an accident. But it is not my job to look cute and adventuresome. It is, however, my job to get better. And the parents of my nephews know about the “you break it, you buy it” nose clause.


Debora said...

Hi Alison, glad you're back online and in top humorous form! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Jeremiah Reynolds said...

Love you Alison, we are still praying for you!

Melinda said...

I hated my short puggy nose forever...I always thought you had a model nose! Perception is key isn't it?!

anakinsnana said...

How did I miss this post??? I was just talking to Harriett and she asked me how you were doing. It was then I realized that I hadn't seen any Hope for Alison posts on FB. Lo and behold, you snuck one in on me! Good for you girlie! I too have some pretty awful memories similar to yours. Kids are ruthless at times. Not all of course, but that's just another sign that we are all born with a sin nature I guess.
You may not have noticed but I have a rather lengthy nose and chin too. But I really don't think those that love me even notice... By the way, is nose clause any relation to Santa???