Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This is Chris. I just wanted to let all of you know that Alison's been in the hospital for the last two and a half weeks. She had something called an empyema. It's kind of like pneumonia, but on the outside of the lung instead of inside. There was fluid in the pleural space between the lung and the chest cavity wall. That fluid eventually loculated, or became less fluid - kinda like a honeycomb gel. This mass, if you will, caused pressure on her right lung and caused it to collapse partially. The empyema was also infected, and since it was in the pleural space and non-liquid, it was difficult for antibiotics to penetrate. They ended up having to put two chest tubes in to break up the mass and drain it out. It was an extremely slow process, but the other option was a throracotomy - which is an extremely invasive and painful surgery - same one used in open heart surgeries. And given her limited mobility, it would have been extremely difficult for her to recover from. So we opted against that and went with the chest tubes instead. Fortunately, that was the right decision, and the chest tubes worked extremely well. As of yesterday, the painful chest tubes were removed (after two weeks) and she was instantly much more comfortable. And this morning, they gave us the green light to come home today! We weren't expecting it to happen quite this quickly, but we're sure glad it did! So this afternoon we'll get her back home and blogging again! Thanks for all of your continued support!


Debora said...

Glad for the update, Chris, and I look forward to Alison's blog submissions! Here's hoping for a sound recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris. I just knew something was up when we hadn't heard anything.. Carol From Lawrence