Friday, October 3, 2014

My Dog Hates Me

My dog hates me. OK, maybe she doesn’t actively hate me. Probably more passive-aggressively tolerant. Probably just passive. No growling or barring teeth. It’s just that I can’t feed her or take her outside or pet her or talk to her. Basically, anything I did before my stroke. I lived with her, then I didn’t. Confusing, I know. I have come to understand that dogs can be uncomfortable a lot like people. Chris also reminded me that Piper hasn’t ever been very affectionate. True. But if I smelled more like beef or cheese… 

Speaking of food, I have primarily “eaten” corn for more than two years now. The formula that gets poured down my feeding tube four times per day is corn. I don’t have a problem with a little corn, but four times per day? For years? I think it’s a bad idea. 

The alternative? A lot of blending. A lot. All under the supervision of my doctor and a dietician. There will be bloodwork. I want it to work. I really want it work. It can’t not work. Double negative? Pish posh. It is my blog, after all. And surely we can’t mess up the food thing.

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anakinsnana said...

I for one am really glad you don't smell like beef or cheese. Peanut butter maybe....
And I don't think Piper hates you. Misses the things you used to do for her I imagine. But she is probably sad and confused. Much like all of us that love you, and you too.
I didn't know that you have been eating corn all this time. I wouldn't think that would be very good for your digestive tract but since it's liquefied that changes things. Some variety would be nice I bet. It's always good to connect with you through this blog. Keep 'em coming sweetheart!