Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No Landmarks

I can’t say I passed any major milestones since my last blog. I did, however, go see a band on Chris’ bucket list (Weezer). I also wanted to see that band, and another (The 1975). The venue was nice and accessible (Sporting Park). There I go sounding all old again, but the truth is that I am in a wheelchair, and I can’t walk or talk. I am also fighting an “old person’s problem”. Only it’s not. Please see NOPW or Dr. Oz from Friday, Sept. 12. Or click here.

I also stopped by IKEA. Yes, IKEA. Very close to where I reside, consequently. I went to IKEA before it opened to the public. Thanks to my very talented brother and sister-in-law with Anecdotally Yours. They documented the grand opening festivities and got us an early pass. It was perfect. I consider myself a superfan, but not a camping-out-enthusiast. I don’t do crowds and sleep-deprivation. I will stay away now. At least for a while. Also, I am not a morning person, for those who might suggest a.m. visits. It’s like it has gotten worse with age.

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