Sunday, September 7, 2014


It was a week of landmarks. First of all, my little brother’s 30th birthday was last Sunday. He had a hilarious party at a roller skating rink. How very early 90s of him. I wasn’t around then, but I am just guessing based upon movies or something. Just kidding. He is my baby brother, after all. I wouldn’t be female if I never mislead anyone about my age.
Chris and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 28th. Initially, we had planned a trip to a really nice restaurant in Chicago, but my stroke happened. Instead, we went to the Kansas City Zoo. Chris took the day off and whisked me away to the zoo. We hadn’t yet seen the penguins. At 10 a.m., the penguins had their feeding. They also had a painting for us. One of the penguins stepped in hot pink paint and walked onto a black canvas. Their handler held it up, then brought our painting out to us. Next, we met a young woman whose husband also had a stroke, but was given TPA, or the clot-busting drug. Then, we went around the zoo via train, tram and boat. While on the tram, I heard a young girl asking her mother what happened to me. I had Chris explain. During the weekend, I overheard three children wondering aloud what happened to me. They will rule the world (and maybe find a cure) someday.
The penguins at the zoo painted us a picture for our anniversary.
Second, Chris took me for Botox. It probably sounds weird, but isn’t. I have been getting the shots ever since I came back to the Kansas City area. It works very well for me. I thought I was going about two weeks later, so it made a big difference to me.
Now I will talk about Chris. I can’t go to a hospital or rehabilitation facility without hearing that he is remarkable. I know. I know, and am thankful. Anytime I say anything about it he says, “what kind of person leaves?” Good question. But the sad truth is that many people would have been long gone. Chris says I would have done the same thing. He is still my best friend and my heart still skips a beat when he is near. I could go on and on, but I will spare you for now. 
The night after our anniversary, three of my friends came over. These particular friends are rare. I met them when I was in eighth grade. They were all bridesmaids in our wedding, and have seen me at my worst. I won’t say best because I haven’t even seen it. When I told my caregiver we were going to see the Goo Goo Dolls, she asked who and I felt old. I also felt advanced in age when the lead singer mentioned that the song we were about to hear was 20 years old. 
But now back to Chris. I know I said I was finished, but I lied. I would rather be Mrs. Wilson who also had a stroke than not be Mrs. Wilson at all. I also have a lot of empathy for him. And there are many more landmarks to come.


anakinsnana said...

You two were made for each other!!

Anonymous said...

Another great post. There are people who leave, Alison. I know a wife who couldn't handle her husband having MS. Chris is a solid rock, built on a solid Rock. You yourself are a shining example of fortitude and perseverance. Frame that hot pink penguin foot art and remember your wonderful celebration of 10 years. 10 years!! You have many more to come! (Disclaimer: in the event Jesus returns your happy years will be abbreviated.) Bev Reed

Unknown said...

I loved this writer girl. You have the gift

Unknown said...

Ten years! Gosh, it seems like your wedding was only a few years ago. Congratulations! You two do make a great couple. Jeff is 30! I know I'm using a lot of exclamation points but all those years zipped by awfully fast. Thanks for blogging. I like your honest and often humorous comments on life.

Heidi R.

Unknown said...

I love your post Allison. It was so good to see you and Chris a couple of weeks ago. You can't walk or talk, but you educate and advocate everyday with your presence, your blog, your tweets. You and Chris and I educated the kids wondering, more about your cool ability to tweet with your thumb and pinky by the way! They came for Popsicles, they met you, an incredible being that has been given a challenge, and has thrown the flag of acceptance to run the gauntlet. They came to see if the rumor of free Orange Popsicles were true, and you educated about the signs and symptoms of stroke, you spark in people creativity and knowledge. One of those kids may be the one that cures, one of those kids may save a life, create newer technology to make life easier. You inspire me Allison, you make me want to raise funds for research, to educate, and advocate. Hugs my sweet friend, hope to see you soon.

LauraMedley said...

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