Saturday, September 27, 2014

Collapsing Kids

Kids keep collapsing, and it’s making me mad. Children are trusting us to make sure they are OK. We are the adults here.

I’m not advocating for unnecessary testing like in The New Yorker article “The Cost Conundrum”. A good read whether you’re in healthcare or not.

My maternal grandmother died of congestive heart failure in her 50s. My paternal grandfather died of a heart attack in his 50s. I never met either of them. 

Bottom line: Medicine failed me. It failed me and has failed others. 

When I think about how a simple ECG or EKG could have helped me avoid this makes me furious. I know I don’t have the answers, but I am still allowed to be upset. 

Those who knew me around school age probably know there wasn’t an athletic bone in my body. What many might not realize or remember is that I went to volleyball camp the summer before my freshman year of high school. I had a sports physical then. 

My parents were both protective and proactive. I don’t blame them. It’s just that it would’ve been nice to know there were three holes in my heart. A simple ultrasound would have alerted someone to the fact that further testing could’ve been beneficial. “Zut alors! Your heart looks like Swiss cheese. Maybe you should have some further testing, especially given your family history,” a savvy doctor might have once said.

I know the research says about one in 300,000 student-athletes actually has a problem. That’s too many. It’s just too many.

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Where is Alison. Haven't heard anything from the website and am worried about her