Saturday, August 9, 2014

Family Vacation

A lot of people don’t like their mothers-in-law. I know I am stating the obvious, but I, however, happen to like mine. I also really like my stepmother. Go figure. It was a major milestone birthday for my mother-in-law, who shall be henceforth referred to as MIL. We met Chris’ very kind aunt and uncle at a condo on Lake of the Ozarks. It was supposed to be a surprise trip, but it wasn’t. I’m not saying who told, except it wasn’t me. I can’t talk, so I didn’t spill the beans. The condo was very nice. I especially enjoyed looking at the lake through the sliding glass doors. It was a lot like our trip to Branson, only I could walk back then. I assure you it is different. I also assure you that you can laugh if you want. We went on a boat and I was glad there were rails. I started this very blog on the screened-in deck at the condo.Screens are extremely important for people unable to swat the bugs away. Who knew?

I also went to see Justin Timberlake earlier in the week. It was a great concert, for those who are wondering.

Long story short, whereas we might have gone to Puerto Rico before I got sick, we now stay a lot closer to home. According to MIL, it wasn’t about the destination, but the company. Happy early birthday, MIL. 


anakinsnana said...

I love this picture of my brother and I. I love this blog and I love you too DIL! This "surprise" party was the best! It too reminded me of the Branson outing but with one huge difference. No need to elaborate. Thank you Alison and the rest of you (you know who you are) for making this a very special birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison! I LOVE your blogs! It is so great to read your words. I think of you so often and pray for you every day! Keep writing and we will keep reading...your voice is so important!!

Love you guys so much,

Patty (Robert and Wes, too)

Debora said...

Hello Alison, Thanks for your blogs; love your perspective. Because of your perspective, I have begun running in the mornings. I'm a large middle-aged woman, and it's not a pretty sight, me running that is, and that is one reason I do it early in the mornings. I run because I can. I've even chosen to stop whining about the pain it causes. I recite a Hawaiin prayer I've recently learned on the entire run and, not surprisingly, focusing on the prayer releases the pain and even makes the distance seem shorter.

I'm a new MIL myself, and my DIL seems to feel uncomfortable calling me Mom, so I'm going to suggest Millie!

"Hello!" to Chris, and you two take care.

Debbi Ruel

April Shaw said...

Hi, Alison. I treasure the times when I get to sit down quietly and read your blog. I appreciate your honesty--it's very brave of you to put yourself out there like this. I too have an AMAZING MIL. She almost died of heart surgery complications last week, but today got to go home to begin the slow road to recovery. Margie will be in heart cardio therapy 3x/week for the next six weeks or so. (This is a long reply, I know, but I'm feeling wordy tonight.) I am continually amazed at how much progress it looks like you've made! And it's so wonderful to hear you talking here. Wish we were closer so we could visit you guys. (We're in okc.) Have you read Jeremiah much? When I feel bad about being depressed sometimes, I like to read psalms and Jeremiah (called the weeping prophet), and remember that God uses us even at our lowest points. Gideon is also one of my all time favorite Bible heroes. My self identity closely resembles his. He was the lowest member of his family. In the lowest clan of his tribe. The least regarded tribe in Israel. Afraid of his own shadow. And God made a Warrior out of him!

April Shaw said...

Thanks for being God's warrior, Alison. And for sharing your journey with us. I'm so glad you guys went on vacation. Being near the water is so peaceful.
Looking forward to your next post.