Monday, August 25, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was going to do it anyway. I was going to have Chris pour a bucket of ice-cold water onto my head. Then I was going to go to the ALS website and donate. But Chris had a better idea. He started trying to find someone to challenge me. Who would it be? I told my caregiver, who was kind enough to call her father. We’ve never actually met, but I owe him my gratitude(?) 

I don’t have ALS or know anyone who has or had the disease, but my symptoms are similar to some. I even use the same software as a certain famous scientist, although I am sure in very different ways. For those who didn’t get it yet, his last name rhymes with gawking. For those who still don’t get it, I am afraid I can’t help you. Ever. Back to ALS, it is a degenerative disease and my stroke was not. We owe these people a cure.

In the end, Chris and I were both challenged by friend(?) and fellow stroke survivor Amy. We found out by asking if she had a bucket. She did have a bucket, and a challenge. She asked why we wanted the vessel, and told us she did the challenge and that her silly husband was editing their video which took about four days. Note to Jonny: Most normal people just post theirs. Also, a note to speech therapists: I am OK. Good work, Tawna. Now everyone else knows what to do.


Jane said...

Alison, I just loved the video and your spirit! You were laughing the entire time! I love your spunk!

anakinsnana said...

That was fun wasn't it? I guess I had better go to the website and donate now. Thank you for the reminder! It's easy to get side-tracked (for me anyway) and forget the reason we are doing this. There are many people just like me who have loved ones that are suffering. How could I not want to help if I am able? I love you dil.

Michelle Julian said...


Robin said...

I love that you knew what I was thinking.