Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I had my first counseling session this week. My first session ever. Yes, ever. It is really tricky getting my point across by, you know, not talking. I applaud my therapist wholeheartedly because she actually tried—and succeeded in—communicating with me. I am not satisfied with my current mode of communication. More often than not, I am trying to stick out my tongue. Not at anyone in particular. But after the stroke, I haven’t been able to stick out my tongue. The inability to lick my lips has necessitated more lip gloss. I’m so close, too. The last time I learned to stick out my tongue or talk, I didn’t have an overbite or brain damage. I will beat this thing. With or without my permission.


Anonymous said...

Your perseverance has no limit!! Keep on, keeping on!! 😊

Anonymous said...

You'll love this, my daughter at 12 had a brain tumor and subsequent craniotomy. She a facial droop and the left side of her vocal cord doesn't close completely, so the act of drinking by tipping your head back can be a dangerous adventure. She is 23 now and was able to get a car through her trust. Around her license plate is her motto, "LIFE SUCKS...BRING A STRAW". She's a hoot and I am blessed. LVN4GZUS@AOL.COM Cis
PATNODE Yakima, WA Your blog won't let me enter my email..not a gmail fan.

anakinsnana said...

You are more than welcome to stick your tongue out at me, I would love that!!! You will, I have no doubt.

Unknown said...

Love your spunk, Alison, and especially your determination. Still hoping and praying for strength in those fingers.....and, of course, moist lips!

Dinah Wooddell