Sunday, June 22, 2014


(Note from Chris: Alison started this Sunday, June 15. She was in the hospital from June 13–17.)

I just want to be normal. I am writing today from the hospital, where I have been since Friday. I was supposed to have Botox, but went to the emergency department instead. My white blood cell count was a bit high, so poisoning myself that day was probably not the best idea. Monday afternoon was supposed to be my first-ever acupuncture appointment. I obviously saw enough needles to last me a week during my extended weekend away. Ha. Back to being normal. You would think physicians would be nice, but not exactly. I already feel extra anxious because I can’t talk and don’t need help feeling stupid. Yes, my magnesium and potassium were a bit low, which I’m guessing could’ve been because my food was withheld for three days…but I don’t know…I was not given the opportunity to ask the doctor. Best quote of my weekend: “I didn’t know hospitals were in the business of starving people to death.” That little gem can be attributed to Chris Wilson. The nurses and aides all did great—it’s just that I fell through some doctor-shaped cracks. I have intentionally not said which hospital. Those of you who know…know. I feel like if I could talk again, or could be normal, things would be different. I also think people in healthcare would be acutely aware of special needs situations, but alas.


Unknown said...

This makes me so mad! How is this possible? Im not trying to be inflammatory or anything but hospitals should be held to a standard. A standard of healthcare. CARE being the important word here. Ia there mo one we can sue for starvation?? We loveyou guys.-joanna

anakinsnana said...

Oh my gosh! That is unbelievable, but I of course do believe it because you are not one to lie. I am so sorry dear Alison for all that you have been through. I'm glad you are back home and under the watchful eyes of very good caregivers who love you, your husband especially!

Susan Rustvold said...

Admiring your strength from afar - You have one of the strongest voices ever! Reading your blogs gives me HOPE. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable by sharing it with so many.

God Bless,
Susan Rustvold (friends with Erin Killough, which is how I learned about your story)