Monday, June 2, 2014

Alison on TV!

This is Chris. I'm high jacking Alison's blog to share this link to our story on KMBC 9 News. Enjoy! : )


JaciK said...

LOVED it! Thank you for posting the link! I just tweeted KMBC to share it! I will be sharing the story with my husband and friends. You are both such an amazing and inspirational couple!!!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry!! I love you, Alison!! You are such an amazing woman and I have always known how important other people are to you. I think of you so often and miss you. I wish we lived closer. I am so proud to say that I know and adore you.

Patty Workman
Springfield, MO

superiorpapers com review said...

You are so brave! I have seen people so often lose fight to their ilnesses and they are just there in world with no motivation! It really makes me happy to read your posts. Good luck and may you always be happy and smiling.