Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I can't identify with people like I used to. I just can't. I don't feel like I fit in with the non-injured as a whole, however hard they may try. I also cannot relate to people who are permanently disabled because I'm not. The closest I've come to a sense of belonging has been through NOPW. My dear friend Amy had a stroke at only 24. When she was able to eat again, she wanted an orange Popsicle®. And yes, the word Popsicle® is registered. And owned by Unilever. So we are NOPW, which stands for National Orange use your imagination Week. I'm the Nazi who kept saying no to the use of the word Popsicle®. By “saying no” I mean shaking my head vigorously while breaking out in hives. There will be a variety of events throughout the week of May 18–24 including the dying of the J.C. Nichols fountain orange, because no one has registered the fruit or the color...yet. Some joking aside, the main event will be Saturday, May 24. Want more details? Check NOPW's Facebook page and like it. Go to and buy a shirt or two, all while considering the fact that I had a little something to do with the design. Also while on the site, you should buy lots of raffle tickets. I'm serious. Make it rain tickets somewhere. This year, the funds we raise will go to the Falling Forward Foundation. And hi, Barb. Thanks for going to the party.


anakinsnana said...

I am so excited to be able to be with you for lots of the National Orange what ever you want to call it Week! I love you girlie!

Unknown said...

HI ALISON!!! You remembered!!! We enjoyed the party last night and as always, loved seeing you!

Kindermusik with The Arts 4 Life said...

Hey Allison! This is your favorite Occupational Therapy practitioner, Daisy. I have missed you since last year. I have not forgotten you. My life got stupid busy when I went to work training OTA students and finding clinical placements for them. I saw the NOPW shirts and posters at RIKC yesterday and decided to get in touch. Chris says you'll be at Homers in OP tonight. I'm going to try to make it. Love your blog. I teared up when I saw the awesome adapted typing set up that you have. Your insights are thought provoking and eye-opening. Please keep up this beautiful writing. Hope to see you tonight.