Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog 7

Alison at bluestem in February 2012, three weeks before her stroke.
First of all, I would be remiss if I moved forward without thanking each one of you who liked or commented on or shared my blog last time. Seriously, thanks. I laugh-cried when my husband read them to me. Don't worry, it happens a lot. 
I mentioned the fact that I can't eat. Really, I am unable to swallow anything substantial. When my mother was sick, I swore off rotisserie chicken and Stouffer's lasagna forever. Or chicken and rice casserole. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing not having to worry about meals. I simply chose not to eat them again. Only now, I would totally eat them again because it would mean I could eat again. I would dive into a serving of moo goo from Yen Ching, near Springfield, Mo. Yes, I could get moo goo in KC, but it wouldn't be the same. It just wouldn't. I want steamed rice and crab rangoon. The crab rangoon at Yen Ching is peppery, not sweet. I'd eat fettuccine Alfredo and coconut shrimp. I think I just gained seven pounds. Twizzlers and those peach things and Good and Plenty and Jelly Bellies, along with about every candy bar known to man, sound tasty.
A fan of fine dining, my 10th anniversary was supposed to be celebrated at Alinea in Chicago. My anniversary is this August. A bit ambitious at this point, n'est-ce pas? I regret never having tried Julian when we lived in Brookside. We did make it to bluestem, The American and Justus Drugstore. Oh, and Michael Smith. In no particular order, of course. Thanks, Groupon and KC Restaurant Week.
Creme wafers and Lucky Charms sound good. I will have rainbow sprinkles on my White Chocolate Mousse from TCBY. I know I remember my Mall Deli order verbatim, and there's a reason. Oh, and I might as well go to Cafe del Rio and Chicken Mary's. Before people get all judgy about my hypothetical food choices, please know I will use moderation. I am a pretty good cook, despite my horrible knife skills. Really, I am surprised that I still have all parts of all of my fingers. And I don't weigh a ton. It turns out that not eating anything at all is the best diet ever.


Unknown said...

Remember dieting? How dumb is that? I wish you didn't have to remember all the yummy foods you have tasted. But one day, my friend. One day. You WILL eat again. I'll meet you in Springfield for Chinese. Or KC. Or Timbuktu. Your choice!

Pat said...

Alison, you make me smile thinking about your mom's bravery and yours.So much the same. When she was sick I only got to talk to her on the phone. It was a big time brag fest (between moms) about you with a little Jeffrey squeezed in.:))
But why did you give up all that great food when she was sick? Was it because she couldn't eat it? Great daughter.
I have lots more to tell - ha -but I'm going to save it.
Hi to your family.

Anonymous said...

Omg Alison I was craving Mall Deli the other day.. something about that creamy italian dressing! :) This entry makes me sad and even more aware of just how much I take for granted in this life :( Im sorry Alison - Chelsea Joy

Chris Wilson said...

Hey Pat! Alison's told me the reason she stopped eating those specific foods was that she got burned out from eating them sooooo much while her mom was sick. She felt she'd eaten enough to last a lifetime! lol - Chris

anakinsnana said...

I love this picture! I don't remember seeing it when I read this blog the 1st time. Must have been so enamored with the verbal content!

Chris Wilson said...

We actually added the picture the next day. : )

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon,

Alice I have thought of you today and wanted to say hello. Your thoughts are always with me. We have an employee that has a child diagnosed with MS she is only 13. My heart goes out to them it will be a life long journey for them and the little girl especially. You have embraced your situation and that is incredibly admirable and Chris well I am not sure their is any one word that could describe his heart felt love and devotion. If we could all be as blessed at you.

Well my household is much larger than when we last talked, which I so enjoyed your reaction to my girls and stories. It gets better, they have graduated high school thank goodness and entered into College for a short time! They decided boys and the fun they could have derail them. So, now I have a son-n-law and two grandbabies within 6 days of one another. Hilary had a girl my oldest daughter her name is Mallory and Hannah my youngest daughter had a boy his name is Elijah. They are both a blessing. I sincerely questioned being a parent when the girls turned 17 they broke my heart more than a few times. Mallory and Elijah are my gift of parenthood. I couldn't image not having them now . We experienced great pain for all the reasons you could image, I had hoped I would be in my 50's before becoming a grandmother "Meme" but I will take it at 44... They both lived us for the first 6 months, we now only have Hannah and Elijah and I have to be honest I would love to see them stay forever. But I know that is not possible and or realistic. I have enjoyed every minute. I love being a Meme it is so rewarding. So, that is a snapshot of my current life. Love to hear from you. Take care friend.. Michele Vanater The Kitchen