Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blog 4: Two Year Stroke Anniversary

Two years. Yes, it has been two whole years since my stroke. People have—accidentally, of course—tried to kill me. There was, very early on, the trach incident. I was told that someone responsible for my tracheostomy left the cap on the device. Oopsies. I guess that's a no-no if the patient is supposed to breathe. Then there was the time when the aide left a lemon swab in my mouth. I remember that situation very well. Gladly, I swallowed it whole instead of choking. Equally as debilitating, though not deadly, was the time my identity was stolen. An aide, who mysteriously didn't bother to call in or show up the next day. I heard she went in to pick up her check and left with it...and a lady's purse. It's funny now, though not then. I'm home now and nothing bad has happened. And I'm still here. I'm still here.


anakinsnana said...

I too remember the swab incident dear dil. I just about freaked out after I realized what you were telling me. I was so glad you could! You are the strongest person I have ever known and Chris is a very close second. I love you both so very much. You are never far from my mind and always, always close to my heart. I will see you soon!

Unknown said...

I am glad you're here and writing. I will talk to Jeff and Erica about a proper intro in the near future. Writers must bond, dearie.

Anonymous said...

We love you and pray for you always. You two are a measure of God's true love and testimonial of faith. In our prayers always, Ed & Consi