Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/22/13 Update

Sorry it's been so long since my last update, but all is well with Alison and I. She's continuing to make slow, but steady progress in her recovery. She's still attending the Rehab Institute of Kansas City three days a week and really enjoying it. That will continue for a couple more months at least. The latest development is that she's beginning to get some movement back in her right foot. : ) Her right side has had very limited movement, so some new activity over there is promising! And she has some new splints for her hands/wrists that are really aggressive, but hold promise for getting her hands opened back up better - they stay pretty tight and clinched otherwise. On the computer front, she's still working in the lab at figuring out the best way to access a computer. I know I've said this before, but it's getting closer. She really wants to be doing these updates herself, and I bet she will be before long. And with the new Mac iOS 7 update, iPhones and iPads now have a Switch Control accessibility feature that could allow her to access one of those devices pretty easily - so that's really exciting! We've got our assistive tech folks looking into that now. : ) Alison's health has been pretty good too. She's had some minor eye irritations and she's on an eye drop now, but it's not a huge deal. But what is a big deal is that tomorrow morning we go into KUMED for a heart procedure. After her stroke last year, they found that she has two small holes in her heart that allowed the clots to get through to her brain. They've always said we'd probably need to have them closed at some point, but it's not urgent. But she's stable enough so we're going to go ahead and go for it. It's not open heart surgery, but it's not an outpatient procedure either. They'll go in through the femoral artery and run a catheter all the way to her heart where they'll deploy a device that will affix to both sides of the wall of her heart and eventually the tissue will envelop the device and it will become a permanent part of her body. Closing these holes will leave no chance of another clot getting through, and she won't have to be on an aggressive blood thinner medication any longer either. But the doctor has ensured us that it's a very low risk surgery and that he's 99.9% confident that it will go as planned. We'll stay overnight Monday in the hospital and should come home Tuesday morning. So that's what we're up to! I'll be sure to post again when all is clear. Otherwise, we're doing well. We went out shopping for some fall clothes this morning and found some good stuff. And this Friday we're going to see one of our favorite bands, Phoenix, at Buzz Beach Ball down at Berkley Riverfront Park, so that should be fun. : ) But we would appreciate your thoughts and prayerstomorrow morning. Thanks. (Side note: I just read this through for Alison to proof, and she caught me using good instead of well. Hmphf.)