Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3/5/13 Update

Well Alison seems to have had an alright day today. She had a really good PT/OT session from what I hear. And her friend, Amy, stopped by for a visit to catch her up on the latest issue of People magazine. This evening I had to run a couple errands while she hung out with the caregiver. A little while ago Alison got pretty sad about things. That happens from time to time and is completely normal and to be expected. All things considered, I'm still in awe of what a great attitude she has most of the time. But that's hard work too - keeping a smile on your face when your heart is hurting. I'm not sure our new reality is something we'll ever really get used to - it's more something you just learn to deal with as best you can. Thanks for your continued support.

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