Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/13/13 Update

Invotek, the assistive technology company, was back to see Alison today. They brought a few different prototypes that will ultimately help Alison use a computer to more efficiently communicate and reconnect with the world. It was pretty exciting actually. The most promising of the setups is a wireless gyroscopic mouse that fits like a donut over her left foot. When she moves her foot, it moves a cursor on a computer screen and when it gets where she wants, she lifts her thumb to activate a switch to select, or click. It was awesome to see her in front of a PC desktop and navigate to the lower left corner, upon request, and click the start button. From there she opened a couple different things and was even able to get to the red X in the upper right corner of a window to close it. We were both pretty thrilled. There's still a lot of finessing to do though. They took the foot pieces back with them, but left the computer and hand switch. We'll keep working with the spelling software on the computer in the meantime. But it went really well today. They also brought a videographer to film the session. If you've been to their website, you know how powerful the videos are in helping show what they do. We're happy to be part of their story. Thanks for the continued support.

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