Friday, February 8, 2013

2/8/13 Update

So Alison's had an alright day today. It started a little rough for me as our caregiver didn't show up this morning. It wasn't until about 2pm that she finally called. Apparently she had a bad allergic reaction to some meds and was really sick. She sounded terrible, but is apparently feeling better and will be here tomorrow morning. Alison wasn't effected much by it though. She slept until about 10am before I had to wake her for some food and meds. I waited as long as I could though. And I was able to get some good work done around the apartment during my unplanned time home. This afternoon was pretty busy though. We had two friends, a therapist, an orthotist, a case manager, a social worker and three deliveries to coordinate from about 2-5pm. Good times. Tonight we got caught up on Top Chef and just hung out. But all's well. Thanks for the continued support.

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