Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/7/13 Update

Alison's had a good but busy day today. Around lunch time the speech therapist showed up and did some food trials with her. She was considering doing a swallow study, but after seeing her handle some vanilla pudding pretty well she's a lot more comfortable proceeding without it. After that a second caregiver came by for the afternoon and they hung out until the occupational therapy assistant came by close to 5pm. She was a lot of fun and actually has some experience working with assistive technology, so that's a plus. By the time they finished, Alison had been up for about six hours - during prime napping time - and was pretty tired. We got her in bed and she rested a bit while I had dinner. After that she woke up and we watched the latest Downton Abbey. By then it was about bed time. But all is well. Thanks for your continued support.

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