Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/24/13 Update

So Alison and I have had an alright day. We took it easy this morning and lounged around watching TV. Then I managed to finally get my car unstuck from the snow. And because of the next snowstorm on the way, therapy wanted to see Alison today in case the roads get too bad again this week. So we had a PT/OT co-treat session where we got Alison up into the stander for 20 minutes. She did really well. While she was up she did some really good work with her eye, head and neck control. After that I had dinner with a friend and ran some errands. This evening we just took it easy. Tomorrow at 1pm we're to go to the hospital for the picc line and the first round of UTI antibiotics. Hopefully we're back home before the weather gets too bad. Thanks for your continued support.

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