Friday, February 22, 2013

2/22/13 Update

Today's been a pretty good day for Alison and I. I worked from home since our caregiver couldn't make it, and it turns out my car is stuck pretty good anyway. Oh well. The van is now accessible and the snow will melt eventually, right? We took it easy this morning before physical therapy showed up about 2pm. Right around that time the doctor's office called to tell us Alison's UA results came in and they want to start her on an IV antibiotic. But she'll need to go to the hospital for a picc line and the first round of medicine to make sure everything goes well. We thought we might go today, but it'll be Monday instead. It'll just be a short stay thing and we should be back home after a few hours. She's not symptomatic of a bad UTI, but we don't want it to get that way. Hopefully she can ride out the weekend with no issues. This evening a caregiver came by and we gave Alison a shower. It went well and she's resting comfortably now. I'm excited to go snowboarding at Snow Creek tomorrow with my brother in law. It's been quite a while but it should be a good time. Let's just hope no one gets hurt... Thanks for your continued support.

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