Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/13/13 Update

Well Alison's had a pretty restful day. There weren't any therapies scheduled, and the only real task was getting a shower this afternoon. We're lucky to have one stable caregiver that comes three times a week for a few hours. This week it's been especially great so Alison can get a shower. And this evening Alison's been in a pretty good mood. I met with a couple more prospective caregivers this evening. One seems to be well qualified for the work, and nice, but probably not a great fit for Alison - personality wise. But she's coming Sunday to get a feel for things. The other prospect seems perfect. She'd have to leave her current CNA job for us, but hopefully we can make it work for her. She's young, has good experience, comes highly recommended and has a great personality. She's coming by tomorrow to meet with us. : ) Well tomorrow morning my mom and nephew head back to Liberal. : ( It's been such a blessing to have them here - especially during this week. But tomorrow Alison's dad is coming to spend the day with her. All's well this evening. Thanks for the continued support.

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