Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/13 Update

Tonight marks my first solo mission taking care of Alison. We had help throughout the day, but couldn't find anyone overnight and don't have anyone lined up for tomorrow at this point. I'm not panicked quite yet. Overnights are usually pretty easy (usually). And tomorrow will be challenging, but I'm off work again and think I can manage. We had a pretty good day today though. Lots of good help, her brother and his wife visited, we had a doctor's appointment that went well and we met with the Home Health nurse for the first time. We're still missing a few pieces of medical equipment for the apartment, but they're due to arrive by the end of the week. We're meeting with the Home Health physical therapist tomorrow afternoon for the first time. Hopefully they're up to the challenge and will soon become integral parts of Alison's recovery. And we're still seeking a full time weekday (8am-4pm, M-F) nurse to come work for us. You don't technically have to be a nurse - all of the tasks are pretty simple. But nursing experience is preferred. Let me know if anyone has any leads. We have a couple, but are still trying to nail something down. But all's well this evening. Thanks for your continued support.

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