Monday, January 28, 2013

1/28/13 Update - Alison's Homecoming

Today started pretty rough, but ended pretty well. We learned this morning that our full time weekday nurse we'd been counting on being there for us when we got home was no longer able to help. What timing. I was pretty panicked for a bit as we'd based all of our plans around this person being the constant. We were planning on discharging first thing this morning but had to put it on hold since our plans were now wrecked. We spent the day making contact with anyone and everyone that might be able to help. By the end of the day, we don't have a solution nailed down, but we have a few good leads. And Alison convinced me we didn't need a nurse to be there, that we could do fine without one and we should just do it. With that in mind we were able to secure CNA help through the next couple of days and some med administration and feeding instruction as well, and we bit the bullet. We discharged home at 4:30 today with our friend, Amy, by our side and by 5pm a nurse and CNA were there to help us get settled and trained. This evening I gave Alison her food and meds for the first time. Right now, we're both resting peacefully, side by side, in separate beds, but in the same room in our apartment. We have a CNA available for overnight and into tomorrow. And Alison's feeling much better too - no fever or spasms all day. : ) So we're very much taking it day by day, and things are definitely much less orderly than I would prefer. But my wife is finally home and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for the confined support.


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