Friday, January 25, 2013

1/25/13 Update

Well Alison's had an okay day today. She had her final therapy session with the gals here. That was good, but bittersweet. Everyone sure has taken a liking to her here. : ) This afternoon she didn't get to see our friends as we'd hoped we would. One of their kids was a little sick. And with Alison's UTI just passing, and with going home so close, we didn't want to risk catching anything. There's soooo much crud going around right now... Tonight we just hung out. We're having our first slumber party in about 2 months - so that's nice. I typically would just sleep in the roommate bed and move it over by Alison. But she told me tonight that, after observing all they do to clean up the beds after someone leaves, she didn't want them to have to do it again in a couple day after I slept in it. She's nicer than I am. I ran home and got the air mattress and it's working well thus far. But all is well tonight. Thanks for the continued support.

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