Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22/13 Update

Alison seems to have had a pretty good day today. Her fever has stayed away and she was able to get some therapy in. And her roommate went home today so we have all kinds of extra space and privacy like we'd had for so long. That'll be nice. But even better news is that we formally announced a go home date of Monday, January 28! That's what we were shooting for and it's finally going to happen! We'll get equipment and supplies delivered to the apartment this week and hit the ground running on Monday. There's still plenty to accomplish between now and then, but it'll all come together. Needless to say, we're very excited. It's been nearly 11 months she's been living in a hospital or rehab facility of one form or another. Coming home is long overdue. We're prepared with 24 hour care and home health to provide ongoing therapy. It'll surely provide new challenges, but the benefits should far exceed those. Thanks for your continued support.

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