Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/13 Update

Alison is finally starting to feel better today. She got up for a bit this afternoon and had a good visit from her friend, Amy. This evening we caught up on the day and Alison helped me figure out a song that was stuck in my head. On my way to see her, a song came on the radio that we knew from playing Guitar Hero, but I didn't know the name or artist. So when I got there I was singing the tune to her (I didn't know any lyrics) and she recognized it eventually. I took a couple wrong guesses at what it was before she spelled out, "Google Guitar Hero please don't slow down." And sure enough, a YouTube video for Reptillia by The Strokes was the first thing that came up. She had remembered a line from the song and figured it out for us! She's so smart. I joke about "channeling my inner-Alison." That's a perfect example of how to do it. She's always been able to figure out almost anything if she has access to the Internet. That's part of why getting her reconnected to the world is a main priority once she comes home. She's getting a shower now and all is well. Thanks for your continued support.

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