Saturday, January 12, 2013

1/12/13 Update

Alison and I have had a pretty good day today. This morning we just lounged around before heading over to our apartment after lunch. I hadn't eaten yet, so I made a PBJ sandwich. I couldn't eat in front of Alison - that would be rude. So I mixed up some PBJ for her - minus the bread - and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but she was managing the bites really well - showing great oral control - all while having a huge smile on her face. It was pretty cool. We also got to hang out with our friend, Holli, and watch some Downton Abbey while we were there. This evening we watched Men in Black 3. I enjoyed it - Alison fell asleep. But all's well. We're hoping to make it to church tomorrow night, so that should be good. Thanks for your continued support.

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