Friday, December 7, 2012

12/7 Update

So Alison's had a pretty good day today. When I came over at lunch, they'd just finished with the standing frame. Neither Alison or I expected they'd be back at it after just one day, but they were. They didn't have as much help, so it was a bit more difficult to get her situated in the stander. And, as a result, it wasn't quite as successful this time. Had I known they'd be doing it, I could've come to help. We'll all get better with practice. In speech therapy, she had 10 bites of ice cream. Lucky. And her friend, Amy, stopped by this afternoon for a bit. Tonight we had a double date with Alison's brother and his wife. We all went to see the new Twilight movie. I must admit, I was pretty entertained. And the theater we went to was perfect for us. I have a feeling we'll be going back soon. But we had a lot of fun this evening and are slumber-partying it up tonight. Thanks for the continued support.

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