Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/6 Update

I've had a Gloria Estefan song stuck in my head all day. "Get on your feet..." - you know the one. Today, Alison got on her feet with the standing frame for the first time in probably seven months. They said she might not tolerate it well, that she might not even make it all the way up, or might only last one minute, or might even pass out since it's been so long. Well, she tolerated it very well and lasted about five minutes! She was even keeping her head up on her own. Keep in mind there are a lot of pieces helping with this process, but she really did well. I can remember her looking like a wet noodle last time we did it - with people supporting her on all sides and angles. But she's come a long ways since then. We'll have access to this stander at the facility for about a month where she'll be using it at least three times a week. In the meantime, I'll get all the accessories for our stander at home (same model) ordered so it'll be ready to use when the loaner is gone and she comes home. Getting her upright has so many benefits. It will help continue to build muscle in her legs, neck and core, help with balance and more. Alison was really excited and did so well. It was awesome to see her upright and holding up her head with no assistance at all. It's been a good day. Thanks for the continued support.

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