Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28 Update

So Alison seems to have had a pretty good day today. We had a nice visit over lunch. And this evening we just hung out and had a good time. At one point tonight she spelled out, "I've decided we're going to move to Jamaica." I asked when and she spelled, "Tomorrow." So it was nice knowing everyone, but she's the boss - so long! (There's a nurse aide from there and her accent and stories of home certainly prompted that comment.) Later we were listening to some music, and I positioned my phone next to her thumb and she was controlling the music by advancing to the next or letting it play. On two different songs she totally hummed along at certain parts. I asked if it was intentional and she said it was. It's very difficult to control her voice, but every now and then it shows signs of hope. I told her we're going to listen to Home, by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros everyday because it's happened twice on that song now. Tomorrow we're going to break out Princess Dy. It's been a while since she's used her assistive tech computer, but we have a new switch contraption we want to try out. If it works as we're hoping, it could be a more simple way for her to use it more effectively and more often to communicate. We'll see. But it's been a good day. Thanks for your continued support.

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