Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/25 Update

Well Alison and I have had an okay day today. If you were looking at Christmas as today only, it wasn't great. But over the last four days, our Christmas had been pretty good. Today started out pretty rough. When I arrived to see Alison this morning she was pretty emotional. It's no more than can be expected given the circumstances, but it was pretty rough. We eventually leveled out and lounged around watching TV until going over to our apartment this afternoon. We were blessed with the company and food of our friends Sarah and Kelsey. Kelsey prepared quite the Christmas dinner for us and it was delicious. It was good to spend some time away from the facility and with friends today. Thank you both. This evening we just lounged around some more. I was able to keep Alison awake for the most part tonight - unlike the last two evenings. ; ) But it's been an alright day. It wasn't the Christmas we'd been used to. But not much is as it once was. Thanks for your continued support.

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