Sunday, December 2, 2012

12/2 Update

Well Alison and I had a pretty good day together. We slept in a bit before her brother and his wife stopped in for a visit. Not long after that, Alison and I went out to get a frosty. She continues to impress me at how well she handles those. I told her it wouldn't be long before we won't be sharing them anymore. Rather, she'll have her own. : ) After that, we drove around Shawnee Mission Park for a bit. As we were leaving, I asked of she was ready to go back, and she said no. So we continued to drive around. I had to stop by the apartment, and on our way, she fell asleep in the van. It was pretty cute. : ) She woke up when we got there, but we didn't stay long. We did stop by and saw a friend on our way back, and that was nice. This evening she got a shower before going to bed. She looked awfully comfy when I left. But it's been a nice weekend. Thanks for the continued support.

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