Saturday, December 1, 2012

12/1 Update

Well Alison and I have had a pretty good day today. This morning we slept in a bit. Then I went and had breakfast with an old friend across town, and Alison watched some house flipping shows on TLC. When I got back we laid around a bit more before getting up and around. After lunch, we headed out on the town. We ended up surprising her brother, Jeff, by showing up in his driveway. The two of us managed to get her in his house and proceeded to hang out for a while. It had been a long time since she'd been there, so it was pretty cool. : ) After that, we stopped by another friends house who happened to be outside as we drove by on the way back. That, too, was unplanned, but turned out well. So we were out for over three hours today, and Alison was ready to lay down. I headed out to get dinner and found her sleeping when I returned for our slumber party. She woke up like she usually does when I get there, but proceeded to fall right back asleep. So that was our night. I laid in bed watching Pit Bulls and Paroles and played on my phone and she slept all evening. : ) There's nothing wrong with that at all. So we're all about to be snoozing soon. Hopefully she'll be able to rest through the night. Thanks for your continued support.

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