Sunday, November 4, 2012

11/4 Update

Well Alison and I have had a very relaxing day. Our slumber party was nice, and we lounged around in bed until after lunch today. And then, we only got up because a couple friends stopped by. But it was good to see them, and it was right back to bed afterwards. So lots of rest, lots of cuddling, lots of bad TV watching. No complaints. Some of you have asked about the status of her coming home. I wish I had better news to report, but it is still very much a waiting game. There are so many steps in the process - and each one takes time. And the last step was done incorrectly, so now we have to wait for it to happen all over again. Then there are still a couple more steps before we're ready. Needless to say, we're pretty frustrated. We'll get home when we get home. But I'm tired of getting my (and others') hopes up only to be let down. But we're not necessarily in a bad place right now. We're just ready to move on to the next step. Thanks for your continued support.

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