Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/22 Update

Well Alison and I had a pretty good day today. This morning, we laid around and watched the Macy's parade before going to the movies. Flight was good, but a bit heavier than we expected. But she did well. After that, we came back and Alison laid down to rest for a bit while I grabbed dinner and the slumber party supplies. On my way back, I picked up a piece of pumpkin pie from Perkin's for us to share. It was surprisingly delicious and Alison and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonight, we got caught up on watching Parks and Rec. So it wasn't our typical Thanksgiving day, but not much in our lives is as it used to be. It'll be good to see family on Saturday when we go to Buffalo. Tomorrow there's not a whole lot planned - and that's just fine with us. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for your continued support.

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