Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/21 Update

Well Alison's had another good day today. When I came at lunch, she was in another PT/OT co-treat session where they were continuing to work on core strength. They, again, were full of compliments about how well she's doing. They were saying they could feel muscles activating all down here spine, so that's good. And during speech therapy, they began oral trials again - today with two bites of thickened apple juice. They had stopped after the aspiration pneumonia from our last hospital visit. But Alison told the therapist about the frosty this weekend - which was supposed to be a secret... But apparently she's coming around - tomorrow she said Alison could have two bites of pumpkin pie! We had a meeting over lunch to discuss discharge plans. Unfortunately we're still in a waiting game with Medicaid. With all the changes going on there, everything's a mess. We'll either get home in the next 2-3 weeks, or it'll be after the first of the year (which we obviously don't want). On a better note, we still don't have a roommate and it sounds like there are quite a few beds opening up in the next few days. Maybe we've dodged a bullet... In the meantime, we're going to have as many slumber party nights as we can - starting tonight. : ) For Thanksgiving day, we're going to the theatre to watch Flight, so that should be fun. And Saturday we're taking a road trip to Buffalo, MO, to spend the day with her family. But all's well. Thanks for the continued support.

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