Monday, November 19, 2012

11/19 Update

Well Alison was in a really good mood all day long. She was up and at 'em early for her Botox appointment, and that went really well. Afterwards, she was still in a good mood, but opted to lay down and take the day off from most of her therapies. After getting stuck with needles all over her body, I don't blame her. But she did get a bit of PT this afternoon from our friend, Amy. This evening, we just hung out and took it easy. I'm constantly impressed by her in so many ways. Tonight, I was talking about this spot along her hairline that we've been treating with dandruff shampoo for a minor skin condition. But I had long forgotten the name of it. So she proceeded to spell out some crazy word that ended being the name of it. You can imagine my confusion as she's spelling S-E-B-O-R-R... It's seborrhea. I couldn't believe she remembered that. But she's always had a lot better memory than I. But it's been a good day. Thanks for your continued support.

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