Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11/14 Update

Well Alison's thankfully feeling better today. She told me tonight that she thinks she got sick from paint fumes. They had painted some trim in her room yesterday, so that explains a lot. She's been able to keep everything down since then though. But we did get a bit of not so great news today. We've been fortunate to have a private room for essentially the entire time she's been in a facility (8 months now). But today we were told they have filled every female bed in the facility except the empty one in her double room. So we're apparently going to be getting a roommate - probably tomorrow. Neither of us were very happy upon learning this, but we'll survive. It just makes things like slumber party Saturday nearly impossible. Hopefully we'll be home soon and it'll be a moot point. But for now, it's not much fun to think about. And there's a chance her roommate will be really nice, but there have also been some pretty wild residents come through. So as long as her roommate isn't crazy, we'll be okay. This evening was spent cleaning up so the other half of the room, the closet and the bathroom is free of our stuff. Good times. But Alison's Aunt Sally and Uncle Marty are coming to visit for Alison's birthday tomorrow, so that will be nice. That, paired with some nice cards, flowers and gifts will hopefully offset the stress of a roommate. Thanks for your continued support.

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