Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13 Update

Well Alison's had an alright day today. She had a couple decent therapy sessions. She told me there was 20% improvement on her right leg on the bike in PT today. That's pretty impressive. But I was also told she was pretty emotional throughout the afternoon. When I got there tonight, she was sad. We were able to talk through it though, and she was okay. We got a late start to watching the latest episode of Revenge, so we asked they hold her food and meds until about 9 when we'd be finished, and they did. So a little after 9 they came back, and as soon as the food and meds hit her stomach, it came right back up. : ( She hasn't been sick for over a month now, and had been feeling good all day. This came out of nowhere. They took her temp, and it was good. And after she got it out, she said she felt okay. So they're keeping a close eye on her tonight. Please pray this was an isolated incident, and not the first symptom of something worse on its way. Thanks for your continued support.

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