Saturday, November 10, 2012

11/10 Update

So Alison and I had a really fun day together. This morning we laid around in bed catching up on one of our TV shows. Then I grabbed some lunch and came back to take her out. We were originally just going to go to our apartment to watch TV, but as we got on the road, we decided to drive around a bit. My original suggestion was that we go get lost downtown. Exploring new places in the city had always been something we enjoyed. So as we were heading north, I remembered a new soda and sandwich shop on the west side that we'd been wanting to go to. On our way there, we noticed an airplane on the top of a building. We tracked that down to find the Roasterie Coffee factory. Then we went and got a blackberry lavender soda from Little Freshie. It was a cool little shop, a delicious drink (which we shared) and we met some nice people. Then we headed to our apartment to watch an episode of our show before heading back to the facility. It was nearly dinner time by then. So I headed out to eat and grab our dog and the slumber party supplies. Tonight we watched The Candidate. It was pretty funny - better than the comedy from last weekend (That's My Boy). But I'm still not sure I'd recommend it to my mother. ; ) But it's been a really fun day. I was glad we could get out again and enjoy the great weather. Thanks for the continued support.

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