Sunday, October 7, 2012

10/7 Update

So we got back to the facility yesterday afternoon, Alison got a shower, and was snoozing hard by 7:30pm. Around 4:30am, they had just fed her, were getting her repositioned and she threw up all the food they just gave her. We got her cleaned up and she did it again. And during all of that her temperature went up a little. So we were bracing for possibly having to go right back to the hospital. But she ended up not getting sick again, and her temp came down. They gave her some nausea meds and she was feeling quite a bit better. So crisis averted. Since then she's been coughing here and there, but that's all. And they've been able to slowly resume feeding. On a scale of 1 to 10, she says she feels like a 5. So we still have room to improve. As we start a new week, I'm guessing we'll not be rushing right back into therapy. She wasn't real eager to get up and around today - as you might expect. My mom spent the morning with her before heading home around noon. And her brother spent the afternoon with her while I went to my first Chiefs game. They lost - as expected, but I had a good time with a couple friends. The official countdown for home is on though. I'm planning on her first official full day at home will be on or around Monday, 10/22. Lets hope we can make that happen. Thanks for your continued support.

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